Default Router Passwords (Most Common)

Default Router Passwords (Most Common).

If you do not know your router’s default password and username, but you need to log in to the router admin page, then you have several options:

Check your router manual. The default login password and usernames will always be listed in the manual.

Check the back of your router. Some brands show the factory setting password/username combination on the back of the router.

If the default factory username and password has been changed, your can reset your router to its original factory settings.

If your router is one of the ‘Most Common” brands listed below, then the default username and password are likely to be listed in the table. However, many brands still operate and sell older models that may have different default login credentials.

If the passwords/usernames listed below does no work, then find your router brand and model on out complete alphabetical router list.

Router Default Usernames and Passwords

Router Brand

Login IP



Verizon Default Login admin password
ASUS Default Login (New) admin admin
Linksys Default Login admin admin
Belkin Default Login admin admin
TP-Link Default Login admin admin
Netgear Default Login admin password
Synology Default Login admin admin
Arris Default Login admin password
Thomson Default Login user user
Digicom Default Login admin michelangelo
Digicom Default Login  user password
Xfinity Default Login login password
D-Link Default Login admin admin
3COM Default Login admin admin
US Robotics Default Login admin admin
BenQ Default Login admin admin

Remember that each brand has several, sometimes many, different/older models, with different default usernames and passwords. A router brand can also be set to a different IP Default Gateway. See the complete list of router passwords for more.

When entering the default password and username, check that the CAPS LOCK button is off on your keyboard, as passwords/usernames are case sensitive.

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